Dental Bridge Fairhope, AL

Missing teeth? They need to be replaced by a bridge to maintain proper oral health and also to protect overall physical health. When teeth are missing, your entire smile, bite, and chewing function may be impacted! Not only that but issues with surrounding teeth can develop as well. Dental bridges are restorative appliances designed to take the place of a single missing tooth or multiple teeth. They simply serve to fill the space that lies between existing teeth when disease or dental injury has caused the absence of a natural tooth. Bridges can provide much-needed strength to teeth that have been damaged, and they can also work to make the appearance, shape, and color of teeth much more appealing. Bridges are used frequently to address issues related to missing teeth and are cemented permanently to the patient’s mouth, unlike removable dentures.

The professionals at Sweet Water Dentistry are skilled at providing patients with high-quality dental bridges. Once Dr. Greer has numbed the area, the teeth that sit next to the gap in your mouth will be prepared to receive the bridge. A scan will then be performed so that there is no need to take conventional-style impressions. Then, a bridge will be fabricated and permanently cemented into your mouth. Successful bridge placement requires healthy gum tissue. Therefore, patients need to follow proper oral hygiene regimens, such as flossing and brushing twice daily and sticking to a schedule of regular office visits to maintain good oral hygiene.

If missing teeth have been hampering your smile and self-esteem, you are among the many other people who may greatly benefit from having a dental bridge placed. Dr. Phillip Greer of Sweet Water Dentistry stands ready to provide you with an informational consultation to determine if a dental bridge is the right solution.