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Fairhope Dentist Fillings:


As a Fairhope dentist specializing in fillings, we want you to know the difference between fillings and crowns. Fillings are meant to cover over the damaged part of a tooth whereas crowns cup over the whole tooth. That is why some people refer to crowns as tooth or dental caps.

Some crowns are made of dental ceramic. But some people prefer to have metal-alloy crowns. In the old days, those who have some money even go for gold-plated crowns!

A dentist usually recommend that their patients use crowns if their teeth are out of shape, their teeth are relatively weak, or to make the tooth more aesthetically appealing.

As dental crowns are the outer covering for damaged teeth, it is very easy for dentists to correct teeth that have grown wayward or where a large portion of it has been destroyed.

Dental crowns and fillings call for very different procedures. Dental fillings only require filling materials to be stashed into the damaged portion of the tooth directly. But to do a crown, a plaster mold would have to be made first, and then a crown made in the dental laboratory. Once it is ready, the dentists will call the patient to come back to have it fitted.

In the hands of a responsible and expert dental laboratory technician, the crown will be sculpted in such a way that bites and jaw movements are taken into consideration. When cemented into the tooth, the patient will not be aware that there is a “foreign agent” inside his or her mouth. In the case of fillings, no visualization techniques are required. Just put a small amount of filling material into the gaping hole and that’s it!

Although crowns have many advantages over dental fillings, some patients prefer the latter as they are much cheaper. But the key disadvantage of filling is that if the problem tooth is weak, then filling will not make it strong. Only a crown can do it because the encapsulation is very rigid. So if you think you may need a crown or fillings, come see your Fairhope dentist for fillings!