Fairhope Dentist Fillings

Cosmetic Dentistry in Spanish Fort, AL

Fairhope Dentist, Phillip Greer, offers another option for metal fillings. Often he will remove the old metal that was used for fillings and use other materials to fill in cavities instead. The metal used for fillings contains mercury, which research has led to believe causes many memory problems, fibromyalgia, as well as problems with the kidneys and brain. It is still controversial how much of a part mercury has played in these diseases, but the evidence is strong enough to convince many dentists that it should not be used.

Many people are choosing to have these metal fillings removed and replaced with safer materials; however, the dentist removing them must be trained properly because the removal can be just as dangerous if not done right. While extracting the metal, pieces of it break off and there is potential for those pieces to go into the lungs.

Mercury fillings also can damage teeth and permanently alter their shape. The metal used is altered by hot and cold and as it changes in size it can lead to cracks and tooth decay. This can not only be painful but can lead to worse problems, leading to even more dental work, and can cost more. Dentists are rapidly switching to other materials that are unaffected by even extreme temperatures to avoid any further damage to teeth.

Many dentists still use metal filling so people may have to search around a bit before finding one that uses other composite materials. These dentists not only use other materials for new fillings but also remove old fillings and replace them with new ones. This can avoid other health problems such as allergic reactions to the mercury as well as poisoning from it if done improperly.

There are several health advantages to these other materials, but there are also several benefits to it cosmetically. Looking for a Fairhope Dentist for fillings is very obvious even in the furthest corners of the mouth, but these other fillings can be matched to the color of the patient’s teeth, making it almost invisible. They are also long-term solutions so you will not have to continuously go back and get the same teeth fixed again.