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Nail Biting: The Affect It Has On Your Teeth

  • Biting your nails can be a hard habit to break. If you don’t break this habit, your dental health may suffer much more than your manicure! According to the Academy of General Dentistry, children or adults that bite their nails can crack, chip, or wear down the front teeth from all the stress of biting. If braces are worn, the teeth are even at a greater risk for root resorption (shortening of the roots) or tooth loss. Braces put increased pressure on the teeth.There was a study published in the Journal of General Dentistry that said patients who bite their fingernails, chew on pencils or clench their teeth may be more at risk for bruxism (grinding or clenching that causes facial pain, headaches, tooth sensitivity, tooth loss, and recessed gums). Some signs of bruxism can include flat-looking tips on the teeth, enamel that has been worn off, extreme sensitivity, indents on the tongue, and popping or clicking of the jaw. Find a Dentist Near Fairhope, AL to learn more information on how Nail Biting damages your teeth. You can also read more on this topic, like how gums can become inflamed by visiting the national library of medicine. 

    Some other dental health risks for someone who bites their nails include:

  • sore, torn, or damaged gum tissue.  This happens because of jagged sharp fingernail edges.
  • Bacteria also can spread from other body parts into the mouth and then from the mouth to the nail bed or bloodstream.Wearing a mouthguard can help with nail biting and prevent further damage to the teeth. Dentists can also give some therapy techniques like learning to rest the tongue upward with the teeth apart and lips shut to avoid any tooth damage.Down by the Bay.

Teen Oral Health Tips

Teen Oral Health Tips

For a teen to always have a nice smile and healthy teeth, good oral habits are a must and need to be started at a young age.  If braces are worn or not, here are some important tips:

  • Brush two times a day.  Use an ADA Fluoride toothpaste to remove plaque. Plaque is the main culprit of tooth decay and gum disease.
  • Floss every day to remove plaque from between the teeth and under the gum-line. When plaque is not removed every day, it hardens into tartar-a hard yellow build-up.
  • Limit sugar and starchy foods – Sticky snacks are the worst.
  • Visit the dentist regularly for cleanings and checkups.

Having your teeth last a lifetime is great, and a clean mouth is an added bonus!  Fresh breath and a nice-looking smile don’t hurt either!

Dental Issues Every Teen Should Know About:

Dental problems can occur during the teen years. Staying informed about issues that effect oral health care will make your teens life so much easier. 

  • Orthodontics:  Many pre-teens and teens will need braces to fix their crowded or crooked teeth.  When the teeth do not fit together the correct way, they are harder to keep clean. This increases the chance of them being lost early and causes extra stress on the chewing muscles. An exam will determine whether teens need braces and exactly which type is best for them.  If you are currently wearing braces, take extra care and clean your teeth.
  • Mouth Guards:  If playing sports are happening, a mouthguard is needed to protect your smile. This device usually will cover the upper teeth and can help protect against broken teeth, cutting lips or causing any damage to the mouth.
  • Nutrition:  What we eat plays a huge role in dental health.  Sugars and starches are in a lot of snack foods and drinks. Every time you eat or drink something that contains sugar or starches, your teeth will be attacked by acids for 20 minutes or more. Visit our website today to schedule an appointment with us and join our dental family!

Treating Cavities

 Treating Cavities 

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Do Cavities Hurt?

When you visit the dentist, sometimes you will get the news that a cavity is present. Your dentist will give you the best options to have it filled, and with that information, you may wonder if it hurts.
When you are concerned about the pain, it may cause you to put off treatment. This, however, can just make things worse. If you treat the cavity when it is first discovered, it is usually less painful and less expensive.

Here are some things you can expect during the treatment and even after:

  • At minimum an hour long appointment.
  • Numbing of the area and surrounding area to prevent discomfort during the filling process.
  • Finally, drilling out the decay where the cavity exists.

Procedure for Cavity Filling

Before even starting, your dentist or dental assistant will help to minimize the pain. An example of this is they will use a local anesthetic to numb the gums and even parts of your mouth. The local anesthetic will only numb the area that is being treated. You are still awake and are able to interact with your dentist. Lidocaine is what is usually used for an anesthetic. Best Family Dentist Mobile AL

When the anesthetic is administered, there is a three-part process.  First, your mouth will be gently dried with a piece of cotton or air. There is then a gel dabbed onto the injection site. The gel will numb the gum tissue which helps to reduce the pain that is felt when your dentist will inject lidocaine into the mouth.  You may still feel a bit of a stinging sensation when the anesthetic is injected. The sting that you do feel, isn’t from the needle. It’s from the anesthetic, working to numb your gums and mouth.

Once the area is completely numb, you won’t feel anything while the dentist is working.

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Benefits of Fluoride

Benefits of Fluoride

Fluoride is something everyone needs from the time they are just a baby. Visit us today to get your fluoride treatment and daily dose of love!

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Importance of Fluoride


The Importance of Fluoride

Fluoride is something everyone needs from the time they are just a baby.
You may even save money on dental treatment costs by just turning on your tap and drinking the water!

Scientists have discovered that patients with access to fluoridated water had fewer dental restorations and lower dental care costs during a 5 year period.  Older adults seemed to have benefited the most.

According to the CDC (center for disease control), approximately 67% of the US population that receives water from public water supply now drinks it with optimal fluoride levels that will help to prevent decay.

So, what is Fluoride?  And how does it help you?  Fluoride is a mineral that occurs naturally in all water sources, even the oceans.  There is research that proves fluoride not only reduces cavities in children and adults but also helps to repair the early stages of tooth decay, even before the decay is visible.  It is the best cavity fighter for the whole family, regardless of age!

When fluoride reaches the teeth, it is absorbed into the enamel.  It helps repair the enamel by replenishing any lost calcium and phosphorous.  This is what keeps the teeth hard, called remineralization. When fluoride is introduced during remineralization, the minerals will deposit into the tooth enamel.  It will help to strengthen the teeth and prevent any dissolution.  Fluoride will help stop the decay process and prevent tooth decay.
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Most bottled water does not contain fluoride, so make sure your family is drinking water that contains fluoride.

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