Affordable Dentist AL Fairhope

Affordable Dentist AL Fairhope

Three Signs You Have the Best Dentist

There are so many dentists to choose from, how do you, as a patient, know you’ve chosen the right one?  All dentists are not created equal.  For starters, the best dentist for you is one that is focused on what to do rather than what not to do…..when it comes to working with a patient.  If you are wondering if yours is top of the line, consider these three things!

  1. Actively Listens

Good dentists are ones that want to help their patients…….GREAT dentists will have amazing listening skills and amazing physical techniques.  When you have a great doctor, they will take the time to listen to a patient’s concerns and will never try to rush a treatment that would leave someone feeling uncomfortable.

  1. Educates  Affordable Dentist AL Fairhope

You didn’t go to dental school, so you will need your dentist to educate you on your oral health, medical issues, good habits to have, and also what treatment options are available to you that maybe you aren’t aware of.  A dentist that is perfect for you will be happy to take the time to explain all your options and also work with you to enhance your confidence and smile!

  1. Respects Your Time and Resources

If you are constantly left in the waiting room or paying more for treatments than you should……this is a red flag that your dentist does not respect your time or budget.  A good dentist is punctual and will take your bottom line into consideration when they are suggesting treatments. Affordable Dentist AL Fairhope

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Affordable Dental Extractions Fairhope, AL

Affordable Dental Extractions Fairhope, AL

Looking for a dentist to provide an affordable dental solution for your aching tooth? Sweet Water Dentistry in Fairhope, AL is running a special on extractions! What is an extraction exactly? Surgical extractions involve the removal of teeth that cannot be easily accessed, either because they have broken under the gum line or because they have not erupted fully. Surgical extractions almost always require an incision. In a surgical extraction, the doctor may elevate the soft tissues covering the tooth and bone and may also remove some of the overlying and/or surrounding jawbone tissue with a drill. Surgical extractions are usually performed under a general anesthetic. Extractions at Sweet Water Dentistry are something that we specialize in! We would love to have you down for a free consult! Please visit our website or fill out the form below to set up an appointment today!

Affordable Dental Cleanings | Dentist in Fairhope, AL

Affordable Dental Cleanings | Dentist in Fairhope, AL

Have you visited the dentist regularly for a dental cleaning and exam? If it has been a while, you should check us out here at Sweetwater Dentistry in Fairhope, Alabama. Dr. Greer and the staff stand ready to provide each patient with dental education to help improve their oral and overall health. You must get your teeth cleaned by a professional at a dental office at least twice a year. Brushing and flossing at least twice a day and regular dental cleanings and checkups are the best ways to ensure that you maintain good oral health. Visit our website for more information about Dr. Greer, the staff, and the services offered at Sweetwater Dentistry.

Why is it so important to get your teeth cleaned at the dentist? It’s great to have a good at-home oral health routine, but it is impossible to remove all of the harmful bacteria from all areas of your teeth at home with just a toothbrush. At the dentist, an educated, trained hygienist will scale and polish your teeth, making sure that every tooth is plaque-free. What is plaque? Plaque is a sticky film that forms on your teeth when bacteria build up. If it is missed by a toothbrush and is left on your teeth for an extended period of time, it can cause decay and even turn into calculus. Calculus is plaque that has hardened on the teeth and can only be removed at the dentist with special instruments. Calculus can cause gum disease, swelling, and bleeding.  What is the best way to avoid calculus build-up? The best way is to make sure that you are regularly brushing and flossing, and that you are visiting your dentist for cleanings at least twice a year to remove anything that you miss at home. Dr. Greer at Sweetwater Dentistry offers a $59.99 cleaning special for all new patients, so contact us today!

Abscess Tooth Dentist in Fairhope

Abscess Tooth Dentist in Fairhope

An abscess is a painful infection at the root or in the gum of a tooth. It occurs when the pulp, the soft tissue inside the root canal, becomes inflamed or infected and goes untreated.

A toothache is the most common symptom of an abscess, but you may also experience pain when chewing, tooth sensitivity to hot and cold, swelling of the gums, or other symptoms.

A dental abscess is usually treated with a root canal. Our highly trained dental team will remove the inflamed or infected area, clean, shape, and fill the root canals, and seal the space. You will return to your dentist, who will place a crown or other restoration on the tooth to protect and restore it to full function. After restoration, the tooth continues to function like any other tooth.

Visit To A Denture Care Center

A Visit To A Denture Care Center Can Help You Get A Perfect Smile

If you have missing teeth, it can really do a number on your self-confidence. Dentures can help restore your smile, boosting your confidence and making you feel more like yourself again. When compared to other types of restorative dental techniques, they are also one of the more affordable options, making them a good choice regardless of your budget.

If you have severe dental issues, it is worth visiting a denture care center to see how they may be able to help you improve your smile. Dentures have come a long way over the past few decades. Evolving technology has made dentures much more comfortable to wear. They also look much more natural, meaning that people most likely won’t even know that you have them once you get used to wearing them.

Depending on your needs, you can either get partial dentures or full dentures. As you might guess, partial dentures are best for cases where you are only missing a few teeth whereas full dentures are ideal for situations where all of your teeth need to be replaced. The style that is most appropriate for you depends on how many teeth you are missing as well as the condition of your current teeth. For instance, if you have severe dental decay on the vast majority of your teeth, it may be more cost-effective to have them pulled to accommodate full dentures rather than paying for root canals, crowns, or extensive fillings.

The only way to know for sure whether or not you are a good candidate for dentures is by visiting a denture care center. There, they can evaluate the condition of your teeth to determine which treatment options are the best. They can also educate you about the various types of dentures that are currently available. You may be surprised by all of the different options that are out there.

To get the best results, make sure that you choose a denture clinic that has a good reputation. You should be able to learn more about denture providers in your area by doing online research. Read through reviews to see which clinics in your area have the highest ratings.

You should also take a look at the services that each denture clinic provides. Make sure that they offer a wide range of options so that you aren’t limited in terms of the choices that you have available. For instance, some clinics only offer basic dentures whereas others offer more advanced options such as implant-supported dentures. Choosing a clinic that offers a variety of options can help ensure that you get the right dentures for your needs.