Dr. Greer is skilled any many different aspects of cosmetic dentistry!

He is educated in implant technology, veneers, lumineers, clear correct teeth straightening and in house whitening.

Different whitening methods include in-office bleaching, which is applied by a professional dentist; at-home bleaching, which is used at home by the patient; over the counter, which patients apply. The ADA recommends having one’s teeth checked by a dentist before undergoing any whitening method. The dentist should examine the patient thoroughly: take a health and dental history including allergies and sensitivities. The whitening shade guides are used to measure tooth color. These shades determine the effectiveness of the whitening procedure, which may vary from two to seven shades.

A Variety of Treatment Options

Part of being a cosmetic dentist is knowing a variety of methods for achieving the desired results. Dr. Greer of Sweet Water Dentistry will take into account your oral and general physical health history before discussing your options for your smile makeover with you. These may include dental veneers, crowns, implants, denture implants, Invisalign, Botox, lumineers, laser dentistry, Zoom Whitening, or any of the whitening services mentioned above.

Whichever treatment option you decide on, Dr. Greer will give his utmost attention to making sure you end up with the outcome you want. With many years of experience in the field of cosmetic dentistry, he will make sure that you are satisfied with your results.

Whether you have chipped teeth, missing teeth, uneven teeth, or yellowed teeth, our cosmetic dentist will help you find a solution so you can feel proud of your smile.

A Comfortable, Relaxing Atmosphere

Our dental practice challenges all the negative stereotypes about dentists you’ve ever heard. Our staff is friendly and welcoming, our dentists caring and patient, and the overall atmosphere in our office is one of comfort and relaxation.

We also strive to communicate effectively with our patients so that they understand our recommendations for their oral health. Our team is always willing to answer questions, and we welcome suggestions for how we can serve you better.

Customers come to us not only from Fairhope, AL, but also from the surrounding cities, including Daphne, AL. To set up your appointment with our cosmetic dentist, call (251) 210-2773 or fill out our online appointment form.

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