Affordable Teeth Whitening

Affordable Teeth Whitening

Discoloration of the teeth happens for a couple of reasons. Things, like smoking, drinking red wine, tea, cokes, and coffee, and taking certain medications as well, can cause your teeth to look dingier and lose their brightness. If you have staining of your teeth, whitening may be a great option for you to restore your bright smile! Are you happy with the color of your teeth? If not, you may be interested in the many different whitening options that are offered at Sweet Water Dentistry in Fairhope, AL! Here at Sweet Water, we have 3 different whitening options to choose from.

Whitening Options

  1. The first option we offer is called KoR Whitening. This option is a take-home solution in which you will need to come into the office and get fitted for custom trays. Once your trays are made, you will receive a take-home whitening solution and once you finish the solution, you will return to the Sweet Water dental office to receive a final in-house whitening treatment with the hygienist. KoR Whitening is the best, most effective whitening option available, especially for deep staining of teeth.
  2. Another whitening option we offer is Venus Whitening. With Venus, you will also need to come to the Sweet Water dental office and be fitted for custom whitening trays. You will receive a whitening solution that you will use for two weeks to achieve the shade that you are after.
  3. The final whitening method that we offer is called Opalescence Go. This comes with 10 trays that are preloaded with a whitening solution. You will wear these trays for 15 minutes each day until you have completed all 10.


If you are interested in whitening your teeth and would like more information on the different whitening methods offered at Sweet Water Dentistry in Fairhope, AL, please contact us at 251-210-2773.

Affordable Teeth Whitening

Affordable Teeth Whitening

Are you unhappy with the color of your teeth? Do you wish that your teeth were more white? If so, you may be interested in affordable whitening offered at Sweet Water Dentistry in Fairhope, AL!

Why Teeth Stain or Yellow

There are several common reasons that people get stained or yellow teeth. If you drink a lot of coffee, tea, red wine, smoke cigarettes, and even some foods, doing this may stain your teeth, causing a yellow/brown tint to the enamel. This makes teeth dull as the dentin becomes darker and the enamel thinner. Tooth whitener works well on surface stains, but it does not work on porcelain crowns or veneers. If you choose to do at-home tooth whitening always read and follow the instructions. Depending on how deeply your teeth are stained, we offer a few different options for whitening your teeth so that you can be proud to show off a whiter, brighter smile!

We offer Opalescence Go trays, Kor Whitening, and Venus whitening.
Whitening times and outcomes will depend on the depth of each individual’s staining.

Opalescence Go Whitening

The Opalescence Go whitening trays are the most affordable whitening we offer. With the Opalescence Go trays, you will receive 10 upper and lower, pre-loaded whitening trays. These trays will need to be worn for 15 minutes, once a day. You will need to brush your teeth immediately after removing them because the whitening gel will still be on your teeth. These trays cost only $99!

Kor Whitening

We also offer KoR Whitening. This is the best type of whitening that we have available! If you choose this option you will need to come to our Fairhope, AL office to get fitted for custom whitening tooth trays. You must use these whitening trays for two weeks. After this time, you will come to our office once again. This time, you will get an additional whitening process done by your dental hygienist. The Kor Whitening cost is $600.

Venus Whitening

Along with KOR, we have another option for whitening called Venus. This process also requires that you get fitted with mouth trays. You take these trays home and complete the process of whitening your teeth at home. This process takes 2 weeks.

If you have any questions about whitening your teeth, please contact our office at 251-210-2773. Thank you!

How To Choose A Dental Clinic

Keeping your teeth in great shape is an important part of maintaining your overall health. Regular dental visits can help prevent problems with cavities, tooth loss, and gum disease. This, in turn, can have numerous positive benefits including reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, improving digestion, minimizing pain, and increasing self-confidence. 

Of course, the only way that you can keep your teeth healthy and strong is by seeing the dentist regularly. To ensure that you keep up with your annual checkups, it is important to choose the right dental clinic. Here are some factors that you should consider when deciding which clinic to use: 

  • Is the dental office conveniently located? One of the primary reasons that people put off visiting the dentist is that they can’t find time in their schedule. This is particularly true if their dentist’s office is located clear across town or in an out-of-the-way location. Choosing a dentist who has an office that is located close to your home or your job can make it easier to stick to your appointments.
  • Does the clinic offer appointments outside of normal business hours? If you work a 9-to-5 job, you may find it hard to get time off to go to the dentist. Fortunately, many dental clinics offer extended hours, serving patients in the evenings and on the weekends. This can make it easier to see the dentist without having to miss work.
  • How qualified is the dentist? It is important to make sure that the dentist is well educated and that they have a lot of experience working in the dental field. After all, you don’t want to leave your teeth in the hands of someone who doesn’t really know what they are doing.
  • How much does the dentist charge? Some dentists are priced much higher than others. Make sure that their rates are affordable enough that you will keep your appointments.
  • Does the clinic accept your insurance plan? If you have dental insurance, you need to make sure that the dental clinic that you choose is on the list of approved providers. You can contact your insurance company to verify that the cost of your visit will be covered before making an appointment. 

You should give a lot of thought to choosing the right dental clinic. After all, your teeth are one of your most important assets – not only from a cosmetic standpoint but also from a health standpoint. Taking good care of them is essential. 


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How To Find A Dental Clinic That Will Put A Smile On Your Face! 

Choose your dentist and dental clinics wisely. Going to the dentist is not normally an event that we happily anticipate! Rather, for most of us, it is something that we tend to dread! How can you find a dental clinic that will put a smile on your face?  

We hope the tips below will point you in the right direction. 

Tip 1 – Ask Around For Recommendations 

You may find a dental clinic online that says a million wonderful things about itself, however, what is really important is how patients feel about the service they receive. Since pretty much everyone goes to the dentist, at least a few times each year, it shouldn’t be difficult to get a few recommendations from family members and close friends. If they seem happy with their dental clinic you could ask them why they chose that particular clinic, what treatment they have had, and whether they are always happy with the level of care they receive. 

Tip 2 – Take The Time To Visit Potential Dental Clinics 

Once you have a list of recommended dental clinics it is time to go out on a little road trip. Visit each of the potential clinics and ask about the services on offer, as well as a price guide if necessary. You should also use the visit to make sure that they are actually taking on new patients.  

During your visit pay attention to the premise, how the staff greets you, whether it seems to be a busy clinic, and the level of cleanliness. All of these factors will help you to form a true picture of the type of dental service you could expect to receive if you were a patient at the clinic. It is also good to know if they have well-equipped modern facilities and technology. 

Tip 3 – Listen To Your Gut Instinct 

If you are still unsure which dental clinic to choose it may be time to listen to what your gut instinct is telling you. Often a particular option will have made you feel more comfortable, more valued as a potential patient, or give a superior professional appearance. If your gut instinct seems to be swaying you towards a specific choice, it may be the right one for you.

Remember, going to the dentist, while not the best activity of the year, does not need to be a living nightmare. By taking your time you should be in a position to choose a dental clinic that can put a smile on your face! 

Tip 4 – Dentist Good Reviews 

Always remember to check your Dentist’s reputation. Don’t hesitate to ask your Dentist about his credentials or his experience to make sure that he meets your needs. You can also visit the clinic for a quick consultation to see if it makes you feel comfortable and satisfied should you decide to take their service.