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Tongue Issues, Part 2

Tongue Related Problems

As mentioned in our previous article, “Tongue Issues”, the first tongue-related problem discussed is Speaking Problems.  Check out this article for more information regarding #1, but continue reading for more Tongue Related Problems:

Eating Challenges

If there is an issue going on with the tongue, it can make eating very difficult.  One common challenge is tasting the food.  The tongue’s surface is embedded with sensory cells (taste buds).  They come in contact with food particles.  If the taste buds are compromised, eating food will be less enjoyable.  This leads to a decreased appetite, followed by weight loss and inadequate nutrition.  If there is pain or swelling in the tongue, it can make chewing difficult.  This can result in choking if the food is not chewed well enough before attempting to swallow.

Respiratory Distress

When the tongue is heavily swollen, it can cause a person respiratory distress by blocking the airway.  When the case is an allergic reaction, it can combine with the swelling of the throat, typical of anaphylaxis. Alabama Teeth Whitening Dentist Daphne


Bad breath is a common by-product of many issues that accompany tongue problems.  A swollen tongue won’t necessarily give you halitosis, but any form of bacterial infection can result in a foul-smelling odor.

Many tongue disorders can be prevented by simply maintaining a good oral hygiene regimen.  This includes daily brushing with a toothbrush that also has a tongue cleaner.  Removing bacteria from the tongue is very important and should happen every time the teeth are brushed. Visit our office today if you are looking for a Teeth Whitening Dentist near Daphne, AL.

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