Dental Lumineers Fairhope AL

All About Dental Lumineers

Here are some common questions and answers about Lumineers.

Common Question:  What is the difference between lumineers and traditional veneers?

          Answer:  Lumineers are uniquely thin (approx. .2 mm) and very translucent.  Because of this, they can replicate the natural appearance of enamel.  Traditional Veneers are much thicker and to be placed on, they require the tooth structure to be ground down.  Lumineers require very little to no tooth reduction.  Lumineers also are extremely durable and can resist wear and remain in great condition for over 20 years. 


Common Question:  Are there other Lumineers?

          Answer:  Lumineers are exclusive, a one-of-a-kind product.  They are made in the DenMat Lab by one of the largest manufacturers in professional dental materials. 


Common Question:  I need braces but I don’t want to go through the inconvenience of them, can I get lumineers instead?

          Answer:  In most cases, lumineers can work!  Your dentist will know best and can evaluate your teeth.  If there is a severe problem, lumineers can reshape the teeth and make them look straighter and uniform as well as whiter. Dental Lumineers Fairhope AL


Common Question:  Are having Lumineers placed painful?

          Answer: No!  It is a pain-free procedure that can reshape and permanently whiten your teeth.  Because they are so thin you can get a perfect fit most of the time without shots or grinding down of the tooth’s structure. 

Contact your dentist today and see if Lumineers could be the right fit for you!  Dental Lumineers Fairhope AL


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