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Dentist Botox Fairhope AL

Botox in Dentistry……….

Crazy right?  Botox in dentistry……..seriously?  Have dentists gone mad?  What’s wrong with traditional dentistry of fixing teeth and gums?  Is it all about the money?

 As crazy as it sounds, Botox has a place in dentistry!  Even if not all dentists provide it (and there are good reasons why a dental office may not provide it), patients need to know of what Botox can offer them and why dentists are suited to provide it. Dentist Botox Fairhope AL

Not too long ago, it was considered troubling to enhance a patient’s smile through teeth whitening, porcelain, braces, or even composite veneers. A person’s physical health and functions were all that should be considered—-if a patient’s feelings and self-esteem were an issue, that was outside the realm of dentistry. 

Thankfully, many practitioners realize that health and function go hand-in-hand.  Many dentists now listen to their patient’s concerns about the appearance of the teeth rather than dismissing the issue with a general statement of “the teeth are healthy and there is nothing wrong”.  Dentist Botox Fairhope AL

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