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Fairhope Emergency Dentist

There are times when turning to a Fairhope emergency dentist is going to be critical. You know the intense pain that radiates from what seems like a single tooth that you simply need to get under control. You know the feeling of a chipped tooth that is aching so bad it is all you can think of. These are instances in which going to a dental care provider immediately can be a good idea. You should not put it off. There are some cases where same-day treatment is a good idea. When shouldn’t you put off getting this type of help?

A Child Has Pulled Her Tooth Out

Sometimes, children want to see the Tooth Fairy, and to do so, they will take that loose tooth into their own hands and pull it out. The problem is, that this can lead to significant risk factors to the underlying structure of the mouth. It can cause added pain and discomfort, not to mention a good deal of blood loss. For these reasons, they need an emergency dentist. Do not hesitate to call one if your child’s painful dental condition is taking over the day.

Chipped Teeth

Sometimes, teeth snap under pressure. No matter if something hits you in the face or if you bite into something too hard for your tooth to handle, if a piece of the tooth breaks off, get to the dentist’s office. Doing so may enable the dental care provider to save you a significant amount of pain. A same-day treatment can help to reduce your embarrassment of having a chipped tooth, too.

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Lost Fillings

In some cases, you need immediate dental care because it could lead to bigger problems if you hold off. For example, if you have lost a filling, it is a good idea to schedule an appointment within a day or so. This filling is blocking exposure of the tooth’s root. As a result, it can lead to pain and discomfort. Add to that the risk that you may experience damage to the structure of the tooth and there is no doubt you need to get the condition improved.

Sometimes, you just want to get your condition treated right away. An immediate treatment is possible in nearly all situations even if you are unsure your situation is an emergency. Talk to your dental care provider to find out if you should come in today or if you should wait another day or so if you are unsure. An emergency dentist ensures you can get whatever oral health concern you have under control right away. Do not put off what you can get done today. Your provider may be able to accommodate your needs right away even if it is not a big deal.

If you are local to Fairhope or you are in Mobile or the eastern shore area, we are a Fairhope Emergency Dentist and we will do anything we can to help with your dental needs. Please do not hesitate to call us at SweetWater Dentistry (251) 550-7770