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4 reasons to get an oral cancer screening

Oral Cancer………you may think this is something you never have to worry about.  And if you aren’t a smoker or chew tobacco, there is a huge probability that oral cancer will never touch you.  But, if you do smoke or chew tobacco, your chances of getting oral cancer increase every year that you continue to use these.

With a five-year survival rate as low as 60%, oral cancer is definitely scary cancer.  Getting checked for the disease is something everyone should do, but here are four excellent reasons why you should add an oral cancer screening to your wellness to-do list.

  1.  It’s Simple

All you must do is ask your dentist to check for any signs of oral cancer during your regular dental exam.  If your dentist is a good one, he or she already does this every time you have your teeth cleaned.

  1.  It’s Life Saving

Oral cancer is devastating, but boosting your chances of survival increases by at least 20% points if the disease is caught early enough.  Alabama Best Dentist Fairhope

  1.  It’s Inexpensive

When you have the oral cancer exam incorporated into the regular dental exam, there is no extra expense unless your dentist requests a follow-up.

  1.  It’s best to be safe…. than sorry

Even if you are positive you don’t have oral cancer and you think you will never experience this awful disease, isn’t the best and smartest thing to be sure?  Alabama Best Dentist Fairhope