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4 summer tips for a healthy mouth

Summer has arrived!  Chances are you have already done your “spring cleaning”…..but if you missed your mouth, don’t worry!  Summer is here and there is still time!  Add these four items to your to-do list!

  1.  Replace that old worn toothbrush

Your toothbrush should be changed every three months.  The toothbrush is made to reach small crevices, and if the bristles are worn down, the chances of reaching those areas decrease.  Another reason?  Bacterial and Viral Infections!  Infectious agents thrive in the bristles and have the potential to reinfect you.  If you get a cold or battle the flu, make sure to toss your toothbrush!

  1.  Don’t Let the Mouthwash Expire

Almost all mouthwashes have a shelf life that is indicated on the bottle.  If you use mouthwash past the expiration date, it will not only affect the taste but also make it less effective.  Double-check yours! Alabama Dentist Near Me Fairhope

  1.  Replenish the floss supply

It is recommended that the floss length be around 18 inches every flossing session.  If you floss daily, that makes about 45 feet of floss in one month!  Make sure to stock up so you do not run out!

  1.  Go See Your Dentist

Cleanings are recommended to be every six months, so your regular dental visits should already be a part of your schedule.  If you have been skipping some of these visits, or there is a new problem, call your dental office and set up an appointment!  When you take the time to see your dentist, which makes it a lot easier to spot and stop any problem before it becomes bigger, pricier, and more painful!  Summer is a busy time……so if at all possible, try to schedule your appointments in the fall and spring so that it keeps you being able to be faithful to them!  Alabama Dentist Near Me Fairhope