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Helping with Disabilities

For most Americans, when you have a cavity, it’s an easy fix.  A quick trip to the dentist is all you need!  But if a person has a disability (confined to a bed or wheelchair) oftentimes their oral health is one of the most neglected needs.

When a physician is treating a child or adult that has a disability, unfortunately, dental care is a much lower priority than the other health problems they face.  Dentists can also be unfamiliar with treating someone with a disability—very few dental schools provide training in caring for these types of patients.

When a child has a disability, they must visit the dentist regularly—-they will be very susceptible to dental disease.  Genetic disorders and high fevers cause the enamel to become weakened—causing the enamel to be prone to cavity development.  If a child has Down syndrome, gum disease, and poorly aligned teeth are prevalent.  Alabama Fairhope Dentist Near Me

Medications can cause dental decay—-they have a high sucrose content.  Children with disabilities sometimes have soft diets and do not eat abrasive particles that help to remove food and plaque from the teeth.

If a child or adult has a disability or a disabling condition, they can still take care of their teeth and should rely on family members for help!  Dentists or dental hygienists can teach family members how to properly brush and floss.  There are also special devices available for brushing and flossing.  Mouthwashes can also be prescribed for a patient which can help increase saliva flow and reduce plaque build-up.  Alabama Fairhope Dentist Near Me

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