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When you walk into a dental office, particularly one as welcoming as Sweet Water Dentistry in Fairhope, AL, you can rest assured that the team is attuned to your needs, including whether you may have anxiety. Dr. Phillip N. Greer and his kind staff are skilled at picking up on subtle cues, such as nervous behavior or hesitancy, which might indicate that you’re feeling anxious. By creating a tranquil environment where love, peace, and kindness are core values, Sweet Water Dentistry ensures that all patients, from kids to adults, feel at ease and well-looked after. Whether you’re coming in for a routine checkup or more comprehensive dental services, their mission is to make your experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible.
Have you ever wondered if your dentist can tell if you have anxiety? Anxiety in the dental chair is more common than you might think, and there’s no need to be embarrassed about it. In fact, recognizing and addressing dental anxiety is an important part of your overall oral health.

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What Is Dental Anxiety?

Dental anxiety, also referred to as dental phobia, is a complex, often intense fear of dental procedures. This anxiety can range from mild unease to severe phobia and often prevents people from seeking necessary dental care. Avoiding dental visits due to anxiety can lead to a range of oral health issues, including cavities, gum disease, and more severe problems.

Signs of Dental Anxiety

Dentists, particularly experienced ones like Dr. Phillip N. Greer at Sweet Water Dentistry, are trained to recognize the signs of dental anxiety. You might wonder how they can tell if you’re uneasy. Here are a few indicators that alert your dentist to your anxiety:

  1. Body Language: Fidgeting, gripping the armrest tightly, or shaking are common signs of anxiety.
  2. Facial Expressions: A tense facial expression, furrowed brows, or a perpetually worried look can be telltale signs.
  3. Dialogue: Dreading questions like, “How many cavities do I have?” or constant “What are you doing now?” type questions.
  4. Sympathetic Nervous System Activation: Signs such as a sweaty forehead, rapid breathing, or an increased heart rate are physical indications of anxiety.
  5. Avoidance Behavior: Skipping appointments or delaying necessary treatments could also indicate a fear of the dentist.
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Can Dentists Tell If You Have Anxiety?

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Are You Anxious About Visiting the Dentist?

If you find yourself asking, “Can they see I’m nervous?” or consistently delaying dental visits because of fear, you might be dealing with dental anxiety. You’re not alone. A significant percentage of the population experiences dental anxiety. The first step to overcoming it is acknowledging it and communicating openly with your dental care provider.

Sweet Water Dentistry’s Approach to Dental Anxiety

At Sweet Water Dentistry, we understand that anxiety about dental visits is real, and we take it seriously. The comfort and well-being of our patients are of utmost importance to us. Here’s how we help our patients manage and alleviate their dental anxiety:

  1. Open Communication: We encourage you to discuss your fears and concerns openly with us. This understanding helps us develop a personalized approach to your care.
  2. Gentle Care: Our team is trained in gentle dental techniques and strives to make each visit as pleasant as possible.
  3. Relaxing Environment: From our serene location down by the bay to our tranquil office setting, we strive to create a calming atmosphere.
  4. Patient Education: We provide thorough explanations of procedures, so you’re never in the dark about what’s happening. Understanding can often alleviate fear.
  5. Options for Relaxation: We offer various sedation options for those who need a little extra help relaxing.

Can Dentists Tell If You Have Anxiety?

How to Talk to Your Dentist About Anxiety

If you’re experiencing anxiety, it’s essential to discuss it with your dentist. Here are some tips on how to broach the subject:

  1. Honesty is Key: Be straightforward about your fears. You might say, “I get really anxious about dental visits,” or “I’ve had some bad experiences in the past.”
  2. Ask for What You Need: Let your dentist know how they can help. Whether you need more breaks, a step-by-step walkthrough of procedures, or even headphones to drown out noises.
  3. Find Solutions Together: Work with your dentist to develop a plan that makes you comfortable.
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Why Choose Sweet Water Dentistry

Located in Fairhope, AL, Sweet Water Dentistry is dedicated to providing excellent dental care in a welcoming and relaxing environment. Here are a few reasons why you might want to choose us for your dental needs:

  • Comprehensive Services: Beyond routine checkups, we offer a wide range of services tailored to both adults and children.
  • A Heart for Service: Our mission is to serve our community wholeheartedly, integrating love, peace, patience, kindness, and gentleness in every interaction.
  • Communication and Trust: We strive to build long-lasting, trusting relationships with every patient.
  • Welcoming New Patients: We’re always excited to welcome new patients into our dental family.

What to Expect at Your First Visit

At Sweet Water Dentistry, we want your first visit to be as stress-free as possible. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of what you can expect:

  1. Warm Welcome: Our friendly staff will greet you and help you with the necessary paperwork. If you have any questions about your insurance or treatment options, we’re here to help.
  2. Comprehensive Exam: Dr. Phillip N. Greer will conduct a thorough examination of your teeth and gums, discussing any concerns you might have.
  3. Personalized Treatment Plan: Based on your exam results and your personal needs, we’ll develop a treatment plan tailored just for you.

Accepting Insurance

Sweet Water Dentistry accepts most insurance plans. If you’re unsure whether your insurance is accepted, don’t hesitate to ask our team. We’re happy to work with you to ensure you get the care you need without undue financial stress.

Service Insurance
Routine Check-ups Accepted
Child Dental Services Accepted
Emergency Dental Care Accepted
Cosmetic Dentistry Depends on Plan
Restorative Dentistry Depends on Plan
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Tips to Alleviate Dental Anxiety

  1. Deep Breathing Exercises: Before and during your visit, practice deep breathing techniques to help calm your nerves.
  2. Mindfulness and Meditation: Engage in mindfulness or meditation activities to help center your thoughts and reduce anxiety.
  3. Bringing a Friend: Sometimes, having a trusted friend or family member with you can provide an added sense of security.
  4. Distraction Techniques: Listening to music, audiobooks, or podcasts during the visit can help divert your attention.
  5. Professional Help: For severe cases, consider consulting a mental health professional to address underlying issues of anxiety.


Dental anxiety is nothing to be ashamed of and is more common than you think. Identifying and addressing your fears can pave the way to better oral health and a stress-free dental experience. At Sweet Water Dentistry, you’ll find a team dedicated to providing gentle, compassionate care in a soothing environment. We’re here to help you overcome your anxiety and achieve optimal oral health.

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See the Can Dentists Tell If You Have Anxiety? in detail.