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Children Dental Fear

Being a Fairhope, AL dentistry we know that you were probably terrified of going to the dentist as a kid, but with consistent oral hygiene, regular dental visits, and the new technology now available, your kids don’t have to be. Even so, some kids are still anxious about dentist appointments. Usually, it’s because they don’t know what to expect, but one of the most common reasons has to do with you.

“A lot of time parents project their feeling of fear about going to the dentist onto their children,” Dr. Phillip Greer said.

Two main tips help to avoid the fear.

Creating a Friendly Image of the Pediatric Dentist

Even the highest-strung children can improve from some appropriate techniques their folks can use to dull their fears. Parents should avoid telling their children about their apprehensions, and make every effort to prepare them for dental visits through positive information on what to expect. Dental office information and “pre-visits” can get the ball rolling, but do what you can to make teeth-cleaning fun.

Dr. Phillip Greer usually helps parents address their dental fears by providing accurate information on dental treatment, discussing their feelings as well and addressing their most negative thoughts – and through even the simplest relaxation techniques.

Dental Visits

Start your child’s visit at an early age. Children can visit the pediatric dentist for their first examination as early as their first birthday, and their doctors are often experts in providing effective dental care while navigating scary situations. Dental offices are designed to help children have a comfortable and relaxed dental visit. Pediatric dentists often apply medications to alleviate dental fears on the spot, such as nitrous oxide or oxygen inhalation. Above all, however, communication among parents, dentists, and the child builds trust and confidence that lasts a lifetime of checkups.

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At our office in Fairhope, AL, we provide service to children of all ages. So come see your local Fairhope Children’s Dentist office off of scenic 98, Sweet Water Dentistry!