Children's Dentistry

Sweet Water Dentistry is your trusted Pediatric Dentist and Family Dentist.

The AAPD (AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY) suggests a child’s first visit generally be around whenever the first tooth erupts but no later than the first birthday. Once the first tooth erupts, you may begin brushing along with a small rice sized amount of toothpaste (without fluoride). Once your child is at the age of 3, you can begin using toothpaste containing fluoride but only use about a pea sized amount when brushing! Brush all teeth, gently, front and back. Dr. Greer recommends you brush and floss your children’s teeth until they are able to tie their own shoe strings – average age is around 6! But you should still keep a close eye on your child’s oral hygiene and brushing/flossing habits.

Our Kids Dentist “happy visit” usually lasts about 30 minutes or less. It consists usually of an oral examination and a toothbrush cleaning! Please feel free to call our office today and set up a Happy Visit for your Childrens Dentist appointment. They get a treasure prize at the end of every visit!

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