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Reversing Tooth Decay

If you have been told you have cavities, it’s time for you to start thinking about ways to reverse tooth decay.  Most of us know that sugar will destroy our teeth.  Sugars and Carbohydrates combined with plaque biofilm form on the teeth and gumline after eating a meal.  The bacteria produces acids and the acids attack the enamel of the teeth and cause decay to occur.  Here are a few tips beyond just brushing and flossing to help prevent cavities from forming.


What Are You Drinking

Water is the BEST choice for preventing cavities.  It neutralizes acids and can be a great substitute when brushing isn’t available.  Another great way to help prevent acids from damaging the teeth is by drinking your liquid through a straw.  Sucking sends the liquid directly down the throat, giving it less time to bathe the teeth.


Eating Nutritious Meals

It’s not just about drinking plenty of water, but also adding more nutritious meals to your everyday diet.  Limit the amount of carbs you eat as well as any food that contains a lot of sugar. Cosmetic Dentist Fairhope AL


Toothbrush = Ally

When was the last time you changed your toothbrush?  Many hang on to the same toothbrush for years at a time.  When the bristles become frayed, its time to replace it!  A good rule of thumb is to change the toothbrush about every three months.  This is especially true after a cold, virus, or mouth infection.  There are so many kinds of toothbrushes to choose from: curved, traditional straight, soft, medium, hard, etc.  Find the one that is most comfortable for you and use it regularly!  Brushing and flossing is the most important way to prevent cavities.  Cosmetic Dentist Fairhope AL

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