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Cosmetic Dentist in Fairhope Alabama

Alabama Fairhope Dentist

If you are looking for a local dentist to help you with cosmetic dental work to improve your smile, Dr. Phillip Greer at Sweetwater Dentistry in Fairhope, Alabama is the dentist for you! Visit our website for more information about us and the services offered here at Sweetwater Dentistry. Dr. Phillip Greer offers patients many different options for cosmetic dental work that is necessary to improve their smile. If you are looking for whitening, Dr. Greer offers many different options for whitening your smile.

The first and most affordable option is called Opalescence GO trays. With these GO trays, they come with 10 upper and 10 lower pre-loaded trays. These trays custom fit to your smile with the heat of your mouth once you put them in, so there is no need to have impressions made. The next option we have available for cosmetic whitening here at Sweetwater Dentistry is GLO Whitening. With GLO, you can either do an in-house treatment, or you can choose the take-home treatment. With the in-house treatment, you will have your teeth whitened by a hygienist and the appointment lasts about an hour. In-house whitening is immediate results. Take-home GLO whitening takes a couple of sessions at home.

In addition to whitening as cosmetic dental work, Dr. Phillip Greer offers dental veneers. Veneers are a wonderful way to improve the look of your natural teeth if they are discolored, chipped, or gapped. Veneers can even be used to fix teeth that are slightly crooked. With veneers, you only have to alter the enamel of your natural tooth a little bit in order for the veneers tobe placed perfectly over the tooth. If you are looking for a dentist for cosmetic work, contact Dr. Phillip Greer at Sweetwater Dentistry, located in Fairhope, AL.