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Does Botox have a Place in the Dental World?

You may be wondering, “What are they thinking…..Botox in dentistry…..seriously?”  Some wonder what has happened to the traditional approach of just fixing teeth and gums.  Is this a money-making technique that does little to serve the patient’s health and well-being?  Believe it or not, Botox does have a place in dentistry!

Not too long ago, it was considered trifling to enhance a patient’s smile through tooth whitening procedures, porcelain or composite veneers, and even orthodontic realignment, purely for cosmetic purposes.  Physical health and function were all that needed to be considered….anything else had nothing to do with dentistry.  Thankfully, this way of thinking is not present in most dental offices today.  Health and function can and should go hand-in-hand.  Function and esthetics are partners and work together to achieve optimal health.  Many dentists now will listen to their patient’s concerns about the appearance of their teeth instead of just dismissing it with a statement like “The teeth are healthy and there is nothing wrong.”  Cosmetic Dentist Teeth Whitening Mobile AL

So what does Botox have to do with dentistry? From a treatment planning view, it needs to be accepted that a lot of patients are having facial esthetic procedures done somewhere, even if you do not provide it to them.  If the treatment planning includes restorative work that will affect the support of the lips, then we need to realize that Botox treatments of the face will impact the result and should be considered.  Treatments with Botox for conditions like tempero-mandibular disorders may have an unplanned esthetic outcome.  For any dentist, understanding what Botox does and how it works, is necessary.  Cosmetic Dentist Teeth Whitening Mobile AL

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