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Cosmetic Dentistry Foley AL

Dental Crowns And Bridges: Restore Your Smile

Everyone deserves a beautiful smile, and every smile deserves to be seen.  The smile of someone is one of the first things notice.  When someone has a big, bright smile, they are naturally magnetic and usually perceived as personable.  Unfortunately, if you have cracked, missing, or broken teeth, you may not want to show off one of your biggest and best features.

If you take steps to restore your smile, you don’t have to worry about being afraid to show it.

Dental crowns and bridges are different but are related when it comes to what they accomplish.  A dental crown will cover up the tooth that is damaged by cracks, breaks, or discoloration.  Your tooth is underneath the crown, and the crown is molded to make it look just like the perfect tooth.  A dental bridge is used to fill in the gaps when you have a missing tooth.  Again, the dental bridge tooth is molded and will occupy the missing spot or spots. Cosmetic Dentistry Foley AL  This gives you an uninterrupted row of teeth.

Having a dental crown or bridge placed will involve several trips to the dentist.  The whole process will begin with an assessment of the damaged teeth.  Preparation for the crown or bridge will take place.  A second visit will be necessary.  The crown or bridge will be permanently placed.  Usually, your dentist will want you to come in for a follow-up visit just to make sure everything is working like it should.  Cosmetic Dentistry Foley AL

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