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Nutrition for Kids: Keeping Their Teeth Healthy

Our children need a nutritious diet to grow up big and strong but eating a nutritious diet also plays a huge role in the health of their mouth!  When a child doesn’t get the right vitamins and minerals, the teeth won’t develop properly.  This will increase the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.  Having your children eat healthy might be a challenge but the benefits of doing that are so worth the effort in the long run!


Some of the best food your kids can eat?  Fruits and vegetables make it to the top!  Half of their plate at each meal should include fruits and vegetables according to the USDA MyPlate program.  Using this form is helpful for your child’s teeth, both tend to be low in sugar, high in water, and rich in vitamins like vitamin C! Cosmetic Family Dentist in Daphne AL

Kids usually like fruit but getting them to eat vegetables……might be a different story.  Convenience plays a huge role in the quality of the diet they eat.  To help boost their vegetable intake, make the vegetables available easily and also easy to eat!  Instead of chips or pretzels after school, serve them some crunchy carrots and celery sticks with dip!  Dip always makes vegetables more appealing!

Sometimes we tend to try and push vegetables on our kids.  Instead of you pushing, maybe let them pick what vegetable they want for dinner!  If they have a favorite or one that they would like to try, they will be more likely to eat it at dinner! Cosmetic Family Dentist in Daphne AL

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