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Help To Make Brushing Fun For Kids

If you are a parent and you think you are busy, try being a kid for a day!  They have school, activities, homework, and family time!  They are still learning how to care for themselves every single day.

A skill that every child needs to learn is brushing their teeth.  Helping them get in the habit of brushing two times a day can be difficult.  But using a little creativity can go a long way when it comes to their long-term dental health.

Four Minutes of Fun

Setting a timer and supervising is easy, but why not make brushing twice a day an event?  Crank up their favorite song and have a dance party for two minutes.  Try reading a 2-minute story using your best super cool voices.  Be creative and switch things up so brushing is always a good time!

Routines are a MUST

You may be tempted to let them skip a brush after a long day or even when your normal schedule is off (like vacation time).  But keep it up!  The more second nature it is, the easier it will be to make sure your child is brushing.

Reward Good Brushing

Know what motivates your child.  If they love stickers, make a reward chart and let them add to it every time they brush.  If she’s a reader, let her pick the bedtime story!  Or maybe words of encouragement are enough! Daphne AL Emergency Dental Office

Characters are A Big Deal

What character do they love? Hulk Smash?  Barbie? Many shows and books have stories about brushing.  Watch them and read them together.  And get the toothbrush with the cool character! Daphne AL Emergency Dental Office

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