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Daphne, AL Root Canal Dentist

Root Canal Treatment

If you are experiencing tooth pain or swollen, inflamed gums, you may need a root canal. A cavity that gets deep or a cracked tooth that allows bacteria to grow can cause a lot of damage to your tooth. This may cause infection, and if it reaches the nerve of your tooth, it causes a lot of pain. Root canals are designed to treat the infection of a tooth as well as relieve any pain caused by infection. A root canal may be the best option for you if you want to save the infected tooth. A lot of people cringe at the thought of a root canal. But at Sweet Water Dentistry with Dr. Phillip Greer, we strive to ensure that each patient is calm and relaxed before beginning any procedure. In the past few years, a root canal took many dental appointments and many long hours. With the new dental technology, root canals are now completed in one appointment that usually doesn’t last more than two hours.

Here’s how a root canal works: first, you will be numbed with local anesthesia. Then, Dr. Greer opens the canals of your tooth and removes the infected nerves. Each canal is then cleaned out and sealed. Once that has all been done, you will have a replacement crown made. Our crowns are made in-house and usually take about an hour. A root canal procedure helps alleviate your tooth pain and gets you back to eating, speaking, and living like normal, pain-free. A root canal is the best option to saving your teeth and avoiding extraction. If you have a painful tooth and need it looked at to see what is the best option for you, contact Dr. Phillip Greer of Sweet Water Dentistry, your Fairhope, AL dentist to schedule an appointment.