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Healthy Dental Tips For You

Shorten The Coffee and Soda Sessions.  If you drink coffee all day long or continually swish that soda, it’s time to rethink how you drink.  This isn’t just about coffee stains—you shouldn’t be drinking anything all day long (except water)!  Coffee, tea, sports drinks, alcohol, and soda……..all are super unhealthy to swish all day long!  Coffee is very acidic.  Rinse the mouth with water after each cup to help neutralize the acidity. Carbonated water alone is not a problem, but it does contain citric acid.  Too much of that can damage the tooth enamel—-so make sure you check labels!

Scrape the Tongue.  Bacteria not only attack the teeth and gums, but it dwells on the tongue.  Hygienists will recommend brushing the tongue or using a tongue scraper.  It does take some getting used to.  Tongue scrapers are great, but using them can be a bit rough.  If you don’t use them correctly, it can create a gag feeling. There is no need to scrape back and forth, up or down, on the tongue.  The repetitive motion is what makes you gag.  Scrape in one direction, like back to front.  Scraping the tongue helps to avoid bad breath.  To have good-smelling breath, you must have a clean tongue.

Two Minutes, Twice A Day.  If you want your teeth for life, it all goes back to brushing and flossing.  Not just once a day, but TWICE!  The two-minute routine, morning and evening, is time very well spent.  You want to keep your mouth infection-free.  Daphne Alabama Family Dentist Near Me

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Dentures.  There is a misconception that because my parents had dentures, and their parents had dentures, that I’m going to have dentures.  That is not true at all.  It all depends on whether your family has a history of dental problems—-but also, how you take care of your teeth.  If your teeth are important and you make them a priority, it is possible that you can keep them for life!  Daphne Alabama Family Dentist Near Me

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