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Dental Bridge Dentist in Fairhope, AL

Dental bridge dentist in Fairhope, AL:

as a Fairhope, AL dentist we deal with dental bridges all the time. Whether you have gaps between your teeth or you have lost a tooth due to decay, infection, or accident, you can replace missing or gapped teeth with natural-looking prosthetic devices, called dental bridges.

Dental bridges from our dentist in Fairhope, AL, Dr. Phillip Greer are the latest and best solution for replacing teeth that are missing or that need to be removed. Fused between two porcelain crowns, a dental bridge not only helps you obtain a perfect and complete smile but also restores your ability to eat and look normal.

Gone are the days when people with poor dental structures and unattractive smiles did not have any solutions and they had to live with stained, chipped, misaligned, or spaced teeth. Today, a wide variety of aesthetic dental treatments are available that can correct everything from minor flaws in the smile to tooth discoloration, missing or cracked teeth, and unevenly spaced teeth.

From implants, porcelain veneers, and bridges to tooth-colored fillings, patients can choose from a plethora of dental solutions to restore the vitality of their smile and overall oral health.

What are Dental Bridges? Dental Bridges are referred to as false teeth or teeth (pontic) to create a beautiful, healthy, and more aesthetically pleasing smile. These prosthetics are used in cosmetic dentistry to “bridge” the gaps where a tooth or teeth are missing or removed.

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Made of two caps, known as crowns, and an artificial tooth, a dental bridge is permanently fixed to abutment teeth that are on each side of the false tooth.

Over the last few years, this cosmetic dental appliance has transformed, thanks to cutting-edge dental technology, including computerized x-rays and the revolutionary 3D imagery & CAD-CAM system.

Cosmetic dental experts now can quickly create accurate dental restorations, including abutments, full crowns, dental bars, implant bridges and inlays / onlays, that are stronger and have a more natural and pleasant appearance.

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