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Going to the dentist can cause a person to become anxious.  This is especially true for children.  When this happens, it causes them to not be able to relax or sit still enough for treatment.

Your dentist may suggest giving children a form of medicine that can relax them or even make them sleepy.  This is called “conscious sedation”.  The child will be super relaxed but still respond to voices or stimulation.  They are also able to maintain his or her protective reflexes. Dental Care Spanish Fort AL

Conscious Sedation may be used when a child needs a lot of dental treatment or has special needs.  It is given in several ways: #downbythebay

  • Inhaling gas
  • Medicine in the form of syrup or pill
  • Medicine through a shot (injection)
  • Medicine through a vein (intravenously)

Nitrous Oxide is also a sedation method.  It is also known as “laughing gas”.  This is used for a child who is mildly anxious or nervous.  It just eases their fears and helps them to relax. Dental Care Spanish Fort AL

It is mixed with oxygen and delivered through a small mask that fits over the nose.  All your child has to do is breathe through the nose, not the mouth.  When the gas begins to work, the child should become less agitated and nervous.

Effects of nitrous oxide are mild and it is eliminated from the body rather quickly.  Your child would remain awake and the dentist can still interact with him or her.  Once the gas is turned off, the effect will wear off quickly.  Oxygen will be given for just a few minutes after treatment. #sweetwaterdentist This will flush the child’s body of any remaining gas.

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