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All About Dental Implants and Periodontists

While most people think any dentist can install and maintain dental implants, the truth of the matter is that only periodontists are qualified to give you that kind of care. But how is a periodontist different from an ordinary dentist?
A periodontist has special training in dental surgery, specifically dental implants. If you know anything about dental implants, you already know that there’s surgical work involved.

First, the gum tissue is cut open to reveal the jawbone underneath. The implant is then installed to the bone, or more precisely, screwed to it. An abutment is then screwed before the crown is added on top. The abutment connects the implant to the crown.
A dentist with only general training would not be able to offer implants as part of his service. Why? Because it requires surgical skills and it takes special training to install and maintain an implant.
So if you have missing teeth or teeth that you want to replace with an implant instead of bridgework, it will be easier to find a professional by typing the words “periodontist dental implants” plus the name of your local area in the search bar of Google. 
When you show up for your appointment, the periodontist will take a look at your medical and dental records. Then he will check your mouth and examine your gums and teeth. X-rays of your teeth will then be taken to determine the alignment of your remaining teeth. 
When this is done, the implant procedure can begin. Please take note: Your dentist will likely schedule your surgery for the next appointment instead of doing it at your first meeting. This is typical and you should be wary of periodontists who rush.
Anyway, during surgery, a hole will be drilled into the jawbone before the implant is installed. You will then need to wait for a month or so before the abutment and the crown are placed. This is done so that the wound can heal.
Anyway, before the installation of the crown, a temporary one is first used to determine the perfect fit. The dentist will make adjustments to the temporary crown until it fits the space left by your missing teeth perfectly. Only then can a permanent crown be made.
In all, the time between your initial consultation to the placement of the crown can be as long as three to six months, depending on how fast you heal and if there are no bone density issues. 
Dental implants are expensive and the worst thing about it is that it is not usually covered by insurance. A single implant can cost you $1,500 and that’s if you to an affordable dentist. You can, however, pay in installments with your credit card.
If you have multiple missing teeth in a straight line, your dentist might recommend implant bridgework where the first and last teeth are replaced with implants while the rest are supplanted by false teeth mounted on the bridge between the two implants