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Stages in Life

If you are a responsible parent, you want what is best for your child.  Kids may not always agree, but it’s the truth!  Having a yearly physical, regular dental check-ups and orthodontist appointments are just a few things responsible parents would want to consider. #sweetwatersmile

What do Braces Do?

Having orthodontic treatments can solve multiple issues in the mouth.  Some issues can be teeth crowding, missing or extra teeth, spacing, and improper bites.  If there is an orthodontic issue it is commonly referred to as malocclusions.  If a malocclusion isn’t fixed, it can cause problems down the line.  Problems could include worn enamel, tooth decay, and issues with chewing and speaking. 

First Visit

The American Association of Orthodontists suggests a child’s first orthodontist visit should be by age 7 or the first sign of any malocclusion.  When a child is this young, their teeth and jaw are still developing.  Because of this, it makes issues like tooth crowding so much easier to address. Dental Offices located in Mobile AL

If you have a child who is nervous about the visit, don’t worry.  A good orthodontist will take their time to make him or her feel comfortable.  Oftentimes times they will get an office tour, introduction to the staff, and sometimes even offer a cookie! #downbythebay  Once a child is more relaxed, an exam will be needed to determine if treatment is needed.  Photographs and x-rays of the mouth and teeth will be taken. 

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Take the time to find the right orthodontist.  Ask for recommendations from friends and family and even your dentist!  You want your child to love going to appointments and also love taking care of their teeth! Dental Offices located in Mobile AL


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