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Dental Veneers and The Science of a Perfect Smile


One of the medical sciences’ greatest breakthroughs in cosmetic dentistry is the dental veneer. This method of treating imperfections and damage to the teeth has become increasingly popular due to its efficacy and simplicity. 

Some of the imperfections or conditions addressed by dental veneers include:

Misaligned Teeth
Worn Out Teeth
Discolored Teeth
Chipped Teeth

How Dental Veneers Work 

A dental veneer is like a tiny porcelain coat that sits comfortably on the tooth and perfects the appearance. This veneer is wafer-thin and practically transparent yet features an impressive structural integrity that conceals and strengthens flaws and imperfections in the tooth below. 

A porcelain veneer is also highly resistant to stains. Your regular teeth can become discolored due to many years of smoking and drinking — especially coffee or red wine. But the porcelain materials of your dental veneer are designed to resist these stains and maintain their flawless appearance for years at a time. 

The greatest quality of dental veneers is that they look completely real. The way they are designed and fitted, especially to the tooth and the way they reflect and absorb light is completely authentic and remains so even under close inspection. 

The Veneering Process

A dental veneer is not a mass-produced commodity. Each veneer must be crafted to the tooth it will fit. This will be done by taking an impression of the tooth and creating a small cast of the tooth onto which the veneer can be constructed to match the dimensions of the tooth precisely. 

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The next step is to attach the veneer to the tooth and this requires removing a small amount of the tooth’s enamel. It is important to note that this procedure can’t be reversed and your veneer will need to be replaced if it becomes damaged. 

After the tooth has been addressed with the preliminary procedures the veneer will be attached to the tooth with special bonding agents. 

A Couple of Important Considerations

The dental veneer is the perfect solution to an imperfect smile, yet it has some important limitations any consumer should be aware of. Teeth that have been damaged due to teeth grinding should seek out a more formidable treatment. Grinding teeth will easily damage the thin veneer and costly replacements will be needed. 

Another point has to do with the quality of the materials applied. Some cosmetic practitioners will offer a cost-effective alternative to porcelain veneers in plastic varieties. They are cheaper, but these will not offer the same stain-resistant qualities found in the original porcelain veneer.

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