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Dentist for Children and Adults Fairhope, AL

family dentist

 It’s really hard to find a good dentist for children and adults in Fairhope, AL. You have so many good reasons to keep your family’s teeth and gums healthy. Their sparkling smiles. Being able to chew for good nutrition. Avoiding toothaches and discomfort. New research suggests that gum disease can lead to other problems in the body, including an increased risk of heart disease.

What Should I Look For When Choosing a Dentist?

You and your dentist will be long-term oral healthcare partners; therefore, you should find someone you can be comfortable with.

There is some advice that will help you to find a perfect dentist for adults and kids.

Know your dental health benefits. Your choice of dentist could be determined by your dental health plan. Dental HMOs, for example, limit your choice of dentist to a member of the HMO network. If you have a PPO plan, visiting a network dentist can make a difference in your copayment levels.

Ask others for recommendations. Ask family, friends, neighbors, or coworkers what they like about their dentist, or ask your physician for a referral. You also may wish to ask for a list of local dentists who are members of professional associations, such as the American Dental Association (ADA), Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), or a local dental society such as the California Dental Association.

Accessibility factor. Do you prefer a dentist’s location near your workplace or your home? How flexible can you be when it comes to scheduling appointments? How important is it for your dentist to have office hours on Saturdays? You will want to convey this information to a prospective dentist and dentist office staff.

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Meet for a consultation. When you have a list of prospective dentists, call or visit several before making an appointment. Ask if he or she is a member of organized dentistry (such as ADA or AGD), and find out which dental procedures are completed in-office and which are referred out. Also, ask how far in advance you need to schedule regular checkups or cleanings.

Evaluate the dentist after an appointment. During your initial visit, check the office to make sure it’s clean, neat, and orderly. How courteous are staff members? Do they handle your private medical and dental history with care? How child-friendly is the office?

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