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Dentures are dental plates with false teeth on them that are used to replace a person’s natural teeth that have been lost. Replacing missing teeth is very important because, without teeth, the shape of your face will change dramatically. Speech and eating are also affected by missing teeth. If you no longer want to be embarrassed by missing teeth or would like to restore your smile so that you can speak and eat again like normal, look no further than Dr. Phillip N. Greer of Sweet Water Dentistry.

Dr. Greer’s office, Sweet Water Dentistry, is located on the beautiful scenic 98 in the lovely city of Fairhope, Alabama. Dr. Greer is proud to serve the eastern shore and offers full and partial dentures to any patient looking to improve their smile after losing teeth. There are two types of dentures available: there are full dentures and there are partial dentures. Full dentures are necessary to replace the full mouth of teeth that are missing. A partial denture replaces only a few missing teeth. A partial can only be available if the remaining teeth are strong enough to hold on to. If your remaining teeth are broken or loose, chances are, you will have to have them extracted and replace the full mouth with a full denture. 

Dentures take a while to get used to and may cause you to have a slight lisp. This will go away in time as you get used to the way the denture feels and sits in your mouth. Dentures are simple to care for and should be taken care of just like your natural teeth. Brushing your dentures with toothpaste and letting them soak in a denture solution at night are the only steps necessary to take care of your new teeth! 

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The staff here at Sweet Water Dentistry strives to help every patient as much as possible with any dental need they may have. Call our office today to schedule a free consultation!