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Dentures Daphne, AL

Denture Information

A denture is an acrylic plate that holds a set of custom-made artificial teeth that is used to replace missing teeth. Dentures are removable, you wear them during the day while working, speaking, and eating, then take them out at night. It takes some time to get used to dentures, as they are not your natural teeth, but with the progression of dentistry, dentures today look and feel more natural than ever before. There are two types of dentures: Full or Partial.

To get started with a full denture, you will first need to remove any teeth you have left in the upper and lower arch. Then, impressions will need to be taken so that a mold can be made. The mold that is created from your impressions is what is used for the basis of a model that teeth are added to. Once the model is made, you will then try it in and see if you like how it fits the shape of the teeth, and the color. Dentures will need to be re-aligned, as your gums will change and cause them to loosen.

You should visit your dentist at least twice annually for dental checkups and to make sure your dentures still fit and that you are taking proper care of your dentures as well as your gums. You should brush your dentures just like you brush your natural teeth, to remove food and plaque. Dentures need to be kept in water or a denture-soaking liquid to keep them from drying out. You should never put your dentures in hot water because that causes them to change shape. The staff here at Sweet Water Dentistry in Fairhope, AL strives to assist every patient with any dental need. We pride ourselves in offering the best dental service and care around. Call us today to schedule your appointment and make us your new dental home! 251-550-7770.