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Different Options for Orthodontic Braces

In this modern age of Facebook, and Instagram, and more focus on physical appearance than in any other age in history, it’s no wonder that more and more adults are having the old chompers addressed for greater aesthetic value. 

Nevertheless, having teeth aligned properly has many more benefits than simply a more attractive smile. But, no matter the reason for seeking out optimal chewing, speaking, and oral function, braces are a time-honored and effective method of straightening the teeth and today there are more options out there than ever.

1. Metal Braces are the most economical option but are also hard to conceal. 

The “ground floor” option is cost-effective and a suitable treatment for all types of misalignment issues. The metal wiring will be affixed to the teeth by a small metal bracket glued to the tooth, bands and adjustments will add tension as needed. 

This option is very conspicuous and can be irritating to the extreme, especially during the first few weeks of treatment when the cheeks are especially tender. Choosing a braces-friendly diet will be essential in getting the most out of your dental appliance. 

2. Ceramic braces — like metal braces, except they are slightly less conspicuous. 

Others will not immediately notice the ceramic braces like they will the metallic variety, but this is a slightly more expensive option. These also use a special plastic tie as opposed to a twisted steel cable to coax the teeth into the proper position. These braces are also prone to stains by red wine, black coffee, and smoking in general. 

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Finally, this is also a slightly more fragile option than metal braces and you will need to consider this according to your propensity to be gentle. 

3. Lingual Braces — like regular braces but behind the teeth.

Lingual braces perform the function of regular braces from the backside of the tooth. As you might imagine, the process of attaching these braces is considerably more complex. You will need to find an orthodontist skilled in this craft as well as present enough tooth surface area to allow for these attachments. 

4. Invisible Braces are the most expensive option… but they’re Invisible!

Braces like the Invisalign option are suitable for just about any condition and all types of teeth. The best thing about this option is that they are practically invisible. This option also doesn’t require frequent trips to the orthodontist for adjustments.

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