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Fairhope AL Airport

A Closer Look at the Fairhope AL Airport

Many people call the area of Fairhope, Alabama home, and many more make a stop on vacation. It is a relatively small city with under 20,000 inhabitants but it certainly is not without its charm. Many people who live in Fairhope AL continue to enjoy all that the area has to offer. Not only does it have restaurants, shops, and a pleasant appeal, but it also offers a pier area that is quite beautiful as well.

For those who live in the area of Fairhope or anyone who plans on visiting, they may want to take advantage of the Fairhope, AL Airport. This airport is located approximately 4 miles southeast of the Fairhope business district and it is owned and operated by the Fairhope Airport Authority. It is available for public use and the official name of this particular airport is the HL Sonny Callahan Airport.

The vast majority of the traffic that travels in and out of the Fairhope Airport is going to be for either private or corporate use. It has also undergone some significant improvements that are ongoing as well. In 2007, $8.8 million was offered from the city of Fairhope as a loan to the airport authority to make those improvements. Some of the improvements that are being considered include adding a new terminal and building additional hangers. As of 2007, the airport has also been under the control of the airport authority, and that was given to them by the city of Fairhope as well.

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As far as the size of the airport is concerned, it covers approximately 144 acres and is 91 feet above sea level. There is one runway at the airport that is 100 feet wide and just over 6,600 feet long. This makes it appropriate for landing aircraft of small to medium size, although there are times when it is possible to land a larger aircraft in the area as well.

Taking a look at the specific use of the airport takes us back to the year 2010. In the 12 months before May 16 of that year, 46,800 aircraft operations took place at the airport. The vast majority of them, 98%, were considered to be general aviation. General aviation is a term that is used for any type of civil aviation and does not include a scheduled air service. The military also used the airport for the other 2%.

Several aircraft are based at the Fairhope, AL airport. This includes several multi-engine and single-engine planes as well as a smaller percentage of jets and helicopters. There is somebody on-site daily from 6 AM till 8 PM and in some cases, it may be possible to find someone after hours at the airport as well. If you need to fly into the area of Fairhope for business purposes or personal reasons, however, this airport is an option that you may want to consider for convenience

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