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Do you have one or more missing teeth? Would you like to have them replaced so that you can show off your smile again? If so, look no further than Dr. Phillip Greer at Sweet Water Dentistry, your local family dentist. Dr. Greer performs dental bridge procedures to replace teeth that have had to be removed due to decay, trauma, etc. You must replace any teeth that are missing for several reasons. Missing teeth may cause the teeth next to them to shift, which can, in turn, cause your bite to shift and cause more problems with other teeth. Also, missing teeth can affect the way you speak, and chew, as well as hamper your smile.

The dental bridge that Dr. Greer places is made of porcelain. A bridge is a restorative piece that is made up of abutments and pontics and is used to replace one or more missing teeth. The abutment is the crown that is placed on top of the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth/teeth. Abutments act as anchors for the whole bridge. The pontic is the crown that replaces the missing tooth. The teeth adjacent to the missing tooth (the foundation for the abutments) will need to be prepped, which means that the dentist will wear down a bit of the enamel for the abutment crowns to fit on top of them. Once this part of the procedure has been done, a digital scan will be taken of your teeth for Dr. Greer to get a clear picture of how the bridge needs to be designed.

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At Sweet Water Dentistry, we make our porcelain bridges in-house, typically on the same day, if time allows. It takes about an hour to an hour and a half for the restorative bridge to be fabricated. Once the bridge is done, you will come back to our office to have the bridge tried in and permanently cemented onto your teeth. If you have any questions about dental bridges or would like to schedule an appointment for a consultation to see if a dental bridge would be the best restorative option for you to replace missing teeth, please call Dr. Phillip Greer in Fairhope, AL today!