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Fairhope AL Dentist Implant Dentures


Implant dentures offer a solution for those of you who find wearing traditional false teeth cumbersome. These implants allow you to wear dental prosthetics without needing an adhesive to keep it in place. Worrying about your dentures falling off is now a thing of the past with this innovation in dentistry.

Getting mini implants for dentures is a simple process, but you will reap its benefits for a long time to come. Your Fairhope Al Dentist will take an x-ray of your jawbone to determine if you qualify for this type of prosthetic, as well as to measure the length of the mini implants you will need. Attaching these pieces to your jaw only takes as much time as filling a tooth. Your Fairhope Al Dentist may either take your old dentures or provide a new set and fit it over the anchors. The process of attaching the anchors and fitting your dentures happens within the same day.

If you qualify for such a solution, you’ll find implant dentures a delight. You no longer have to worry about your false teeth moving around. Chewing your food is easier with your teeth in place. You get to taste your food again because this type of dental prosthetic does not cover the roof of your mouth. You can eat and chew as soon as the dentist finishes attaching your new prosthetics. You also won’t get the taste of denture adhesive, which many false teeth users dislike. The anchors take the place of the adhesives and are much more effective at keeping your teeth in place.

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Implants are also better at maintaining your original facial structure because they are attached to your jawbone. Traditional dentures can push or pull some of your facial features, changing the shape of your face. This kind allows you to wear artificial teeth as if they were part of your original jaw, maintaining your original face shape. Additionally, it also helps you to enunciate words more effectively. You can engage in conversations without worrying that no one will understand you.

These mini implants for dentures also improve your health by getting rid of bad breath. This happens when false teeth move while you eat. The food sticks under your denture which causes bacteria buildup, giving your breath a foul smell. The mini implants keep your false teeth in place so food doesn’t get under and accumulate. You won’t have to feel embarrassed about speaking to a person at close range again.

This option usually comes with a warranty from your cosmetic dentist. Maintaining and taking good care of it is easy. Make sure to ask your doctor about the terms of their warranty. Some dental practices offer anywhere between a five and ten-year warranty where the dentists will replace your damaged or cracked implants for no extra charge.

If you have missing teeth but you don’t want to wear traditional pieces, or if you already have false teeth you find difficult to use and manage, consider this option. Talk to your dentist as soon as possible to find out if you’re qualified for this kind of treatment. Regain the full use of your teeth and get your confidence back with these implant dentures.

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Your Fairhope Al Dentist is the best person to know if you are an appropriate candidate for implant dentures, and also the person who can offer different payment options to make your visit as pleasant as possible.