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Swollen Soft Palate

Having a swollen soft palate is not something to brush off.  Your mouth says a lot about your entire body.  It is common for diseases like cancer, diabetes, and various cardiovascular, respiratory, and neurological conditions to show up in the oral cavity.  Early assessment is the best way to help manage inflammation signs.  So what does a swollen soft palate mean?  Keep reading…….

If you touch your tongue to the roof of the mouth, you first will feel a bumpy part of your palate, it’s right behind your front teeth.  Within this area, the bone of your skull is immediately under the soft covering of tissue.  If you move your tongue to the back part of the roof of your mouth, the tissue gets more bouncy, soft, and smooth.  This is where the hard palate meets the soft palate. 

The soft palate goes back to your throat, ending at the little hanging teardrop of tissue called the uvula.  The main job of the soft palate is to rise and close off your nose and throat when you swallow.  This keeps food out of your lungs and nasal passages.  Fairhope Alabama Emergency Dentist

The soft palate contains several types of body tissue like blood vessels, muscles, ligaments, and fat.  It is common for this area to have signs of swelling and inflammation when you are fighting a viral, bacterial, or fungal infection.  It is important to know the symptoms to determine the cause of the swelling.  When there is inflammation, this is a sign of an invader in the body, and the body needs help! 

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The invader can also be something more serious, like cancer.  Early signs of oral cancer include swelling, lumps, redness, pain, and loss of function.  Your dentist can help address any oral cancer concerns and refer you to a specialist if there is a question. Fairhope Alabama Emergency Dentist


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