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Gum Disease and Estrogen

Treating osteoporosis may also help to prevent gum disease!  The University of Buffalo released research that was able to examine the prevalence of periodontitis in postmenopausal women.  Women who are over the age of 50 who are being treated for osteoporosis with estrogen are 44% less likely to have severe periodontitis than a women who did not receive treatment.  Osteoporosis is a condition in which the bones become weak and brittle because of tissue loss. 

When the body has a lack of estrogen (which happens naturally during menopause) it places women at risk for osteoporosis while they age.  To help counter these effects, some women are given estrogen therapy along with supplements of calcium and vitamin D. 

There have been studies that have investigated the relationship between osteoporosis and tooth loss, but not many studies have examined the link between estrogen therapy and periodontitis.  Periodontitis can ultimately lead to tooth loss and destruction of the jaw bone

Estrogen therapy was found to prevent osteoporosis but could also play a role in the prevention of gum disease!  According to Frank Scannepico, co-author of the study, he found that by advancing the understanding of how this treatment can impact oral health.  This can help to improve bone health and quality of life in female patients. 

The research examined nearly 500 postmenopausal women who received service at an osteoporosis diagnosis center in Brazil. There were 365 diagnosed with osteoporosis, and 113 of those women chose to receive estrogen therapy. Fairhope Dentist Around Me AL

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Every participant was over the age of 50 and was postmenopausal for at least one year.  The study showed that women receiving osteoporosis treatment had less periodontal probing depth, less clinical attachment loss, and less gum bleeding than those who did not receive therapy.  Fairhope Dentist Around Me AL


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