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As a Fairhope dentist for dentures, we feel like you should know some background history. Dentures, or false teeth, have been one of the most widely impacting medical and cosmetic inventions in world history. Medically, dentures allow a person with several, or even all of their teeth missing, to chew and eat food they otherwise would not be able to. Cosmetically, dentures allow a person with severe tooth decay or missing teeth, to present a fresh new sunny smile, regardless.

Being a Fairhope dentist for dentures we know that dentures come in two main kinds, removable partial dentures and complete or whole dentures.

As far back as 700 BC mankind has been using dentures regularly. Originating in the North of Italy, this type of denture would use animal or human teeth, strung together and simply inserted into the mouth at mealtimes.

The first dentures, which took a recognizable form compared to modern dentures, were fabricated in Japan during the 15th century. These were fabricated from hardwood, usually Buxus Microphylla, and were shaped very much like modern dentures; they even relied upon suction to keep them in place.

Of course, even manufacturing dentures from the strongest of woods would still result in false teeth that were far softer than natural teeth. This changed once ivory became the material of choice for denture manufacturers.

London, England was the melting pot (quite literally at times because worked gold was often used when manufacturing dentures) which produced the finest dentures during the 16th century. Certain gentlemen, most notably barbers, goldsmiths, and ivory workers, began to produce gentlemen’s Teeth. Cosmetic dentures had arrived!

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Although ivory and gold remained a popular choice for wealthier denture users, the price combined with the fact that ivory was still not as tough as real teeth and therefore needed replacing frequently.

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