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Fairhope Dentist for Dentures

When it comes to buying dentures, what’s involved will typically vary depending on the type of dentures that you want. In addition, the process involved will change if you are choosing between the different types.  When buying dentures, what’s involved with choosing between the different types of them will depend on what you need and what you find tolerable. For example, many people find that standard ones are impossible to wear because they cannot stand having a foreign object in their mouth 100% of the time. As a Fairhope dentist for dentures, we know how difficult adjusting to change can be. In this case, implant retained dentures may be ideal for certain individuals. It is important to note that implant dentures are far more expensive than standard dentures. For the teeth to be implanted in the mouth a screw is used that works sort of like the stub of a tooth receiving a crown. Being a Fairhope dentist for dentures there are different methods of putting them in. Multiple screws can be used for each tooth or full dentures can be attached to two screws. In either case, this procedure can be very expensive. Immediate dentures are designed to provide you with temporary dentures that work until you are ready to be fitted for your standard ones. These dentures are meant to baby your gums after gum surgery and often are worn for up to a year. Lastly, partial dentures are designed to fit your mouth like standard dentures, providing you with the support you need on the roof of your mouth, but holes are created so that you can keep your good teeth. Many people find this easier to tolerate than partial dentures on a wire or half dentures. So if you are looking for a dentist in Fairhope for dentures then look no further than Sweet Water Dentistry for all your dental needs. Dentures or false teeth are the same thing but use different words. If you do need them, going to your denture clinic and discussing your options is the best thing you can do. Choosing a denture clinic may not be as easy though, as you need to consider after-sales service as well as the materials that are used to make your dentures.