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Since a ceramic construction procedure does not, in ordinary circumstances, take longer than a day to complete, many people believe it to be a simple process. However, this is far from the case. A lot of dentists attempt to gain certification to perform ceramic reconstructions, but due to the complexity of the process and the number of stages evolved, not all of them can obtain it.

The benefits of CEREC should in no way be misconstrued as suggesting that the process is simple. As a Fairhope dentist producing same-day crowns in a nutshell, the CEREC procedure takes approximately 2 hours to complete, and it is normally categorized into three broad stages. This article will identify the three stages and attempt to convey what exactly each of them entails.

Like in conventional reconstruction, dentists first seek to get an impression. Impressions allow dentists to map out the shape of one’s teeth and gums. This process is essential since without it, the dentist will not know the size of crown that is needed.

It is also vital to ensure that this step is conducted with the utmost accuracy, since the slightest mistake could result in an expensive reconstruction not fitting the targeted tooth perfectly, perhaps causing discomfort to the patient or further damage to the tooth.

To capture the impression, dentists first apply a slight layer of reflective powder onto the troubled region, after which they run a microscopic camera over the region, which captures images, which are further compiled into an impression.

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After the dentist has obtained these so-called optical impressions, they must begin determining what type of crown must be needed. Luckily, there are specially designed computers that can produce results within a few minutes. One has to feed the optical impression into these computers and enter some other essential data.

Once this has been completed, the computer will study all the variables in extreme detail, and produce a perfect impression. This impression is visible, within a few minutes, on the computer screen.

Once the impression is obtained, the dentist can begin using this impression to mill the ceramic reconstruction in his clinic. This process requires a lot of attention to detail, because although the mill that is directly connected to the computer does a bulk of the work, a qualified dentist must supervise the procedure to ensure that everything is perfect.

Once the mill has done its job, a dentist should ideally shine and glaze the ceramic reconstruction to make it look natural in the patient’s mouth. After this is complete, all that is left is inserting it into the patient’s tooth, which normally does not take more than a few minutes. As a Fairhope dentist producing same-day crowns, we do everything we can to make the patient comfortable before checkout!