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Family Cosmetic Dentist Near Me Fairhope AL

Jagged Teeth


A jagged tooth that is scratching your mouth or when you find yourself constantly hiding your teeth behind your hand, it’s time to stop.  Whether your teeth are naturally jagged, chipped, or broken, your dentist can help with ways to make it straight and even again.  Reshaping, bonding, veneers, and extraction followed by replacement are just some of the treatments that are available for jagged teeth.

Natural Teeth Shape

Not everyone is blessed with neat and even lined pearly white teeth.  The teeth can grow unevenly and even some canines can be pointy and protruding.  Anyone can have uneven teeth, but in some cases, it is caused by extra cusps (the pointed parts of the teeth).  The bony spikes that grow out of a tooth are called talon cusps.  This name comes from the similarity with an eagle’s talons.  Talon Cusps can be removed by just grinding down or even removing a section of the enamel and then sealing the tooth with a desensitizing agent. Family Cosmetic Dentist Near Me Fairhope AL  A naturally crooked tooth or pointed tooth can also benefit from orthodontic treatment. 

Broken/Chipped Teeth

If you break or chip a tooth it looks jagged.  If the tooth nerve becomes exposed, the chipped area can be very painful.  Falling, being hit in the mouth, or biting something hard can result in a broken or chipped tooth.  Teeth can also break when they are weakened by cavities or old fillings.  See your dentist right away to help prevent nerve damage. Family Cosmetic Dentist Near Me Fairhope AL

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