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Tooth Extractions: Simple & Surgical

Do you have a tooth that has been damaged from decay so badly that it cannot be fixed with just a filling? You may need to have it extracted. There are a few other reasons for the need of an extraction, which include overcrowding and infection. Some people are simply born with an excess number of teeth. In this instance, more room may need to be created in the mouth by extracting teeth. This will help prevent any problems that may come with overcrowding. Infection or abscess are other reasons an extraction may be necessary.

The Difference Between Surgical Extractions and Simple Extractions

There are two types of dental extractions:

    1. simple
    2. surgical

Simple Extractions

A simple extraction involves first numbing of the surrounding area, so patients will feel little to no pain during the extraction process. Then, the dentist will begin loosening the gums around the tooth. Once the gums have been loosened, it is easy for the dentist to use forceps to grab and remove the tooth.

Surgical Extractions

With a surgical extraction, the dentist will have to use a scalpel to cut away gum tissue. Once that has been done, your tooth will need to be cut with a hand piece into smaller sections and will be removed one piece at a time. It is normal to feel only pressure when getting either type of procedure done.

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Dry Socket 

Proper care is necessary to ensure you heal correctly with no complications. Only a small number of patients get a condition known as dry socket if they don’t care for the extraction site property. Dry socket is very painful and occurs when the blood clot in the socket is lost. This exposes nerves and the jawbone and causes a lot of pain. Wisdom tooth extractions are more common to get dry socket but following the post-extraction instructions given to you at your appointment should help prevent it.

What To Expect During Your Extraction Appointment With Us

When you visit Dr. Greer at Sweet Water Dentistry, you will get an exam and x-rays to determine whether an extraction is the best option for you. In moving forward with a tooth extraction – we know the aftermath can feel overwhelming, so we are excited to provide our patients with Dr Greer’s 5 Tip Recovery Guide to a relieving and fast recovery.

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