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Affordable Teeth Whitening Fairhope, Alabama

Are you unhappy with the color of your teeth? Do you want to whiten your teeth so that you can be proud to show off your smile? If you answered yes, you’ve stumbled across the best place possible! Dr. Phillip Greer at Sweet Water Dentistry offers 4 different whitening options that are sure to satisfy your whitening needs. The first thing you should know is how whitening works! Over time, your teeth get stained from red wine, sodas, smoking, teas, etc. Certain medications can also affect the color of your teeth! Simply brushing your teeth doesn’t always do the trick, and you need something stronger to help bring out the white in your smile!

Dr. Greer at Sweet Water Dentistry offers 4 types of whitening. Visit our website for more information about us and the services we offer! The first and most affordable type of whitening we offer is called Opalescence GO! This is a take-home kit containing 20 trays total: 10 upper and 10 lower pre-loaded whitening trays. These trays fit each patient’s individual arch by the heat of the mouth, so there is no need for custom trays. The GO trays are to be worn for 10 days for 15 minutes daily.

The second whitening option is Venus Whitening. With Venus, it is also a take-home solution, and you will need to have impressions done so that we can make custom trays for you. Venus comes in a syringe and is placed in your custom tray daily to achieve the white you desire.

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The final options for whitening are GLO. With GLO, you will receive a neat whitening tray that comes with a light. You place the solution on your teeth, then place the light on your teeth which reacts with the solution to brighten your teeth. You can get this whitening done in-house or use the take-home device. The in-office whitening is a stronger, more immediate solution. The take-home solution just takes a little longer, but is just as strong! Contact us today at Sweet Water Dentistry for your whitening needs!