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How to Find a Dentist

Finding the right dentist for you and your family can be tricky.  Not all dentists are created equal.  Here are some helpful suggestions to help you find a dentist!

People to ask; your friends and family.  This is probably the BEST resource for finding the best fit.  Your friend and family can be honest about the personality of the dentist and office staff and also help answer some of your questions.  Here are some questions to ask!

  1. How good is the dentist when it comes to explaining treatment options?
  2. How long is your wait once you arrive at the appointment?
  3. Is it easy and comfortable to ask questions?
  4. How does your dentist handle an emergency?
  5. How long do you have to wait when it comes to making appointments?
  6. How is billing handled?

If you are moving—ask your current dentist if they would have someone they would recommend.

Ask your doctor!  They usually also have dental recommendations.

Who Can You Call?

Your insurance company.  Whoever you get your insurance through can provide names and contact information for dentists in the area who participate in their dental plans.

The state’s dental association.  Every state has a dental association that can give you names of dentists who are members of the ADA, American Dental Association.  This is a voluntary membership, but most dentists are members.  If they are a part of the ADA this doesn’t mean they provide a higher quality of care.

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