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What’s In Your Glass?

Teeth Staining.  It is a factor most don’t even think about when it comes to what they eat or drink.  If you are young, chances are you may not even be experiencing teeth staining.  But here are some things to consider before you put them in your mouth!


Red Wine

Yes, it can be good for your health but it is not ideal for a bright smile.  It is very acidic, contains lots of tannins, and because of the deep purple color, it is also high in chromogens.  These three things are the reason teeth staining even occurs!  White wine is acidic and contains some tannins.  But it doesn’t have a color that leads to teeth staining.  Even without having the chromogen, the acid and tannins make your teeth fair game for other types of staining. 


Food Dye

Love lollipops?  When you suck on a lollipop, your tongue and teeth will turn the color of the sucker. Blue?  Green?  Red?  If you avoid brightly colored candies, ice pops, and sweetened drinks, you will be better off.  Sports drinks that have color aren’t safe either.  If you love a certain drink that is the same shade, don’t be surprised if it starts to show up on your teeth.  Food coloring loves the exposed roots of the teeth even more than the white enamel. Fairhope Dentist Teeth Whitening AL


Soft Drinks

If you drink soda, you may notice your teeth turning yellow over time.  This is because soda is very acidic, and dark soda contains chromogens.  Even if you love clear soda (the lemon-lime flavor) it can still cause the teeth to become duller because of all the acid.  Fairhope Dentist Teeth Whitening AL

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