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Looking to whiten your teeth?

We offer teeth whitening at Sweet Water Dentistry 

Different whitening methods include in-office bleaching, which is applied by a professional dentist; at-home bleaching, which is used at home by the patient; over-the-counter, which is applied by patients. 

The ADA recommends having one’s teeth checked by a dentist before undergoing any whitening method. The dentist should examine the patient thoroughly: take a health and dental history including allergies and sensitivities. 

The whitening shade guides are used to measure tooth color. These shades determine the effectiveness of the whitening procedure, which may vary from two to seven shades. The effects of bleaching can last for several months but may vary depending on the lifestyle of the patient dentures. 

Internal staining of dentin can discolor the teeth from the inside out. Internal bleaching can remedy this on root-canal-treated teeth. If heavy staining damage is present on a patient’s teeth, and whitening is ineffective there are other methods of masking the stain. Bonding, which also masks tooth stains, is when a thin coating of composite material is applied to the front of a person’s teeth and then cured with a blue light.  

Though this is more expensive than other whitening methods, it can provide fantastic results.

If you’re looking for a dentist that offers teeth whitening, look no further than Sweet Water Dentistry! With a range of professional whitening options available, our experienced dentists will help you achieve the bright and beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. Schedule your appointment today and get ready to show off your pearly whites!

So come in for a whitening at Sweet Water Dentistry!