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Dental Cleaning

Deep Cleaning For The Teeth

This process, deep cleaning the teeth, is not something that you have done just because you missed a few visits to the dentist or have eaten some recent bad meals.  Deep cleaning is a specific procedure that is performed by your dental hygienist to combat gum and periodontal disease.  Usually, this procedure is needed because a person has not had a regular cleaning every six months.

When It’s Needed

At your dental appointment, the hygienist will use a probe to measure the area around the teeth. This is to see if you have pocketed.  Pocketing is the area between the tooth and gum—where bacteria forms.  The depth of the gum tissue between the teeth and gums is referred to as a “pocket” when it is 5 millimeters or more.  Every adult should receive a periodontal exam each year to help determine if any additional treatment is needed.  Measuring pocket depth is just one small part of a comprehensive dental exam.

Healthy pockets in the teeth will be no more than 3 millimeters deep.  If the pockets are greater than 5, your dentist will most likely prescribe a deep scaling and root planing appointment. Affordable Dental Cleaning in Fairhope AL

Deep Cleaning Process

In the dental world, the deep cleaning process is known as scaling and root planing.  Scaling removes the plaque and tartar from the surface area of the teeth and also from the pocket area.  The other part, planning, involves the hygienist using a scaling instrument to remove plaque and tartar from the surface of the roots of the teeth.  Scaling and planning usually require a minimum of two visits.  Affordable Dental Cleaning in Fairhope AL