Fairhope Brushing Techniques for Healthy Teeth

The best brushing techniques for healthy teeth are important to know! Oral hygiene is a prime key to confidence. If one does not have healthy gums or bad breath, then it will definitely affect the confidence that person has. Improper cleaning technique is one major reason for bad breath and bad oral health. It is VERY important that you have your teeth cleaned twice a year by a professional. Dr. Phillip Greer and his staff is an excellent choice if you are looking for a new dental home! In the meantime here are some proper techniques to maintain oral hygiene. It is said that improper brushing techniques can damage your teeth severely.

Some of the best brushing techniques for healthy teeth:

Clean for at least two minutes and twice a day. It is necessary that you must make short and soft strokes. Teeth are delicate organs and they need soft and mild handling, especially if you are having trouble with them already. Gum cleaning is as important as tooth cleaning. So while you are brushing, at that time some gentle strokes must be hit on the gums too.

Choose a toothbrush that has extremely soft bristles so that it won’t rupture your gum line which results in bleeding.

Parents have to pay extra care when they give a toothbrush to their children. Kids usually don’t know about the cleaning trends, so it’s good if parents tell them about each and every detail.

Here are a couple of techniques to try with your kids:

Scrubbing technique: This method is for children who are below 9 years of age. Make sure parents are choosing soft bristles with tasteful toothpaste so that they don’t shirk from cleaning their teeth.

Charter’s method: In this technique, an individual has to place the brush partially over the gums and partially over the teeth. The vibrating effect is given to the brush in circular movements. This technique is very beneficial but difficult to learn. This is why this is a little unpopular technique.

Apart from the above-mentioned techniques, there are several other techniques, which are very beneficial in order to get the best brushing for your teeth. You can incorporate anyone but be careful while making contact with the gum line. If you have any questions please call us at 251-550-7770 or come see us down by the bay at SweetWater Dentistry in Fairhope, AL!